Ashtab –  Ajax tabbed category widget (Utilities)

Ashtab – Ajax tabbed category widget (Utilities)

Trurn your sidebar into Magazine styled sidebar !!. Sort posts by post views.


1. Ajax category load and pagination
2. Drag and drop category select and arrange.
3. Display post by post views,comment number.
4. Human readable view count, that is not 1500 views but 1.5k views.
5. Drag and drop post meta select and sort. Meta fields are-
– Post tilte with permalink
– Tag
– Category
– Date
– Post Views
– Excerpt
– Author
– Comment No
6. Post number to show.

7. Pagination type. Support 3 pagination types-
– No pagination
– Load more
– Previous-next
8. Two tab styles
9. Seven post layout templates.

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