Login & Register forms protection – WordPress plugin (WordPress)

Protect your site from hacking!

L&R Protection will protect your site from hacking, from automatic and undesirable registrations. With L&R Protection you and your site are safe!

Forms preview

Login Form Preview
Register Form Preview
Plugin Admin Panel

    Login: demo
    Password: demo

Login form

  • Captcha added
  • Protection against bruteforce attacks
  • Blacklist by IP
  • Blacklist by country

Registration form

  • Captcha added
  • Registration for invites
  • Blacklist by IP
  • Blacklist by country


  • Font customize
  • Font color
  • Font shade color
  • Random font
  • Configure symbols
  • The number of characters

Invitation codes

  • Generation in one click
  • Download as a txt file
  • Deleting used codes in one click


  • Documentation included
L&R Protection
 * Version 1.0

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