Perceptual Ad Blocker Detection – WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

Perceptual Ad Blocker Detection – WordPress Plugin (Utilities)

When AdBlocker’s makes new steps… AdBlocker’s detectors makes new steps!

So, this wordpress plugin have capabilities to detect classic adblock software and new perceptual ad blocker software.

Perceptual AdBlocker Detection start working right after activation. You can make changes from Perceptual AdBlocker Detection page that is created in your main menu from your WordPress admin. In this page you can activate or desactivate for mobile or desktop. You can also modify the aspect of overlay window which appear for adblock and perceptual adblock users.

You can customise:

  • Plugin activation for Desktop or Mobile
  • Header text, headear background color, header text color and header text size.
  • Main text with color and size.

Perceptual AdBlocker Detection has now other dependency. It work standalone as WordPress Plugin.

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