WooCommerce Embed Products (Integrations)

WooCommerce Embed Products (Integrations)

WooCommerce Embed Products offers an easy way to integrate products from one or more WooCommerce
shops into your website using shortcodes.

Plugin features

  • A shortcode to display a single product
  • A shortcode to display a list of products
  • Products are displayed with name, picture and price (each info can be showed or hidden)
  • Optimized with WordPress native caching feature to display pages faster and limit bandwidth usage
  • Works only with WooCommerce shops


  • English (100%)
  • Fran├žais (> 60%)

How does it work ?

  1. Get a WooCommerce API key and secret from the WooCommerce shop (see
  2. After that you need to configure shop settings of the woocommerce site you want to display products from.
  3. Then add shortcodes on any page, article or widget using the shop identifier.


Can I display products from www.example-shop.com inside my website ?

YES, it is the purpose of this plugin.

Can I display products from several websites ?

YES, there is no limit, you can add as many WooCommerce websites as you want, but a shortcode can only fetch
products from a single website.

Can I customize the display of products ?

YES, the plugin has several filters to let you change small things or the whole template if you want, it’s very

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