Woocommerce Extra Variation (WooCommerce)

Woocommerce Extra Variation (WooCommerce)

Easily add variations to your products.
 Would you like extra ? 

This plugin works under Woocommerce. It creates extra variation for your products. Automatically adds extra variation lists created to all categories or desired categories. It removes the necessity of making individual variations for each product. Whether your products are simple or variant, they allow you to create extra variations for all your products.

This plugin;

  • You can offer extra products or services,
  • You can create products made up of pieces,
  • You can produce products that are rich with extras,
  • You can sell supporting services or products.

Displays the variation groups you create in the product cards in the allowed categories. The selected extra variation adds up the price of the product, plus the price of the product. When the product is added to the cart, it calculates the total price and adds the selected variations to the product. When the order is completed, it inserts the selected extra variations into the order card with the prices separately and creates the total cart number.


  • It creates extra variation lists that work in each product type .
  • Adds extra variation to your products without asking for change.
  • They group extra variations.
  • Woocommerce provides impressions according to ‘Product Categories’.
  • The product card shows the extra variations selected on the order and payment pages, along with their prices.
  • After ordering, the ‘Woocommerce Orders’ field will save all the extras on the order card in full details.
  • With CSS support, matches with your theme perfectly.
  • Woocommerce does not use theme construction. It is not affected by updates on this count. 


More details and documentation page


Live Demo

Some of the uses areas

  • Online Pizza and Restaurant
    Adds extra material properties to variant products such as small, medium and large sizes. Meat, cheese, vegetable, etc. Groups can be created.
  • Maintenance or Support Agreement Product
    It adds optional maintenance, support, training contract to the product. Duration, hours or support groups can be created.
  • Partial Product
    It adds optional parts to the main part. Groups of optional parts can be created.
  • Optional Bonus Services
    Includes special package fee, express shipment fee, special service fee, etc. Extras.

In all these application areas and more, no changes are needed for product registration. Generated groups and variations can be added or removed with a single click in the desired categories.